formula 1 no bomboa

Formula 1 and Bomboa, a match.

You know those events that taste like celebration, Movement, party. A touristic movement so intense that everyone who participates wants that moment to stay in their imaginary forever?

This is the relationship of the Brazil Formula One Grand Prix with the main nightclubs of São Paulo. It boils!

Tourists in love with these speed machines come from all over the world in search of a unique weekend, unforgettable. After all, they’re in Brazil! Land of Fittipaldi, Piquet, Senna, multi-world champions of the category and that made our country enter into the magical imaginary of the great world events.

Formula One took us out of the perception of an exotic country and elevated us to the level of memorable cities. Rio and São Paulo have been dividing Formula 1 for half a century, but São Paulo ends up getting the better of it, without diminishing Rio, a super touristic city, Sampa is the heart of business in the country

São Paulo has the DNA of the fairs, large events and the international standard night houses, celebrated all over the world.

The Bomboa is a highlight of events parallel to Formula 1, among the adult entertainment houses of São Paulo is that it keeps a more elaborate kitchen, a bigger menu of drinks, and a breathtaking female scenario. It’s a place for Kings, pashas, Pharaohs, Sultans. Okay, without exaggeration, there are no more Pharaohs.

Our kings are different now! They are the men who doesn’t let their lives pass blank. People who savor life with the intensity of Formula One engines. Who accelerate because they know that life is short and when they go to a place like Bomboa, they know that they are striking an indelible mark of pleasure in their memories.

Men are passionate about cars, drinks and women. We are too!

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